Today Was A Good Day

Mateusz and I had planned to go floating down the Saluda River all summer, but it was raining, or no one was able to go, or it was raining. LoL… Finally, one Saturday we planned to go with everyone. The weather app showed that there was a forecast for rain until 2pm that day. Ok, we got this. 

We are going floating down the river whether there are clouds or sunshine. Some of my friends could not go. That is ok. Jennifer was bringing her nieces and nephew and suggested Saluda Shoals Park because her sister would feel more comfortable with her children going down their section of the river. That is understandable. Saluda Shoals has rangers who will search for and rescue you if anything were to happen. Thank God!

Through any other service or area of the river, you are on your own. Now I feel better because I have never done this without “experienced” floaters i.e. they know where they are going at the river splits and when to get out of the river. 

We are driving to Saluda Shoals and it is raining, raining. But, it is ok. Mateusz and I decide that if it is raining when we arrive at the check-in we will not do it. Guess what… The rain stopped and it was sunny and beautifully hot like South Carolina is in August. Yaasssss! Look at the weather being accurate!*insert happy dance*

Jennifer meets us at Saluda Shoals with her crew and we are signing papers, getting lifejackets and paddles, taking the beer out of the car, and putting on sunscreen. We get our floats and Jennifer and the crew get their canoes. Everyone is walking towards the river to get the information and instructions at one time. Wait for it… It starts raining. But, we are hopeful. 

Mateusz and I get our floats at the inlet. What I like about the floats at Saluda Shoals is that it was ONLY $15 to rent them, which is the cheapest in Columbia, SC. Also, the floats came with this cover that made the float like a seat, so if it was hot the plastic tube would not burn you. The cover also served as a holder to keep our beer cool in the water. *wink*

We push off and Mateusz makes the shivering sound and murmurs “it’s getting into my balls” in Polish.  LMAO! We are cruising and it is still drizzling. About 15 minutes later all of my hope went down the drain… The drizzle turned into a downpour. *insert ugly cry and shivering* 

Mateusz and I paddle down the river and Jennifer and her nieces and nephew are nowhere in sight. They were in canoes and obviously moving faster than us. So, we continue drinking beer and start Facetiming everyone in between the showers. Or should I say downpours. LoL… It takes us around 1.5 hours to get to the outlet and I asked Mateusz if he enjoyed the experience. He stated, “thank God it was raining, otherwise it would have been boring.” He gets on my nerves! *rolls eyes*

We have a photoshoot at the outlet ramp before we head to my Poohbear Wayne’s house. The night began with burgers and drinks, and then continued at the pool hall. I lost terribly! My partner was holding our team together. Ha! So, I gave myself the task of watching the pretty husky puppers outside. 

There is always something to look forward to if you treat every day like a new adventure. So, make every moment count and live with no regrets. 

2 thoughts on “Water, Floats, and Puppers to Dote Before We Go BlacktoPoland”

  1. Deidre you are so adventurous, just like your dad. You have never been afraid to take a chance or face a challenge. Keep living your best life and keeping us posted on your never ending river of life. Pardon the pun. Lol 😆🤣😂 I love you.
    Your other mother.

    1. 🥰I love you too!!! LoL… That’s how I was taught to live. You have to be willing to take chances. If you fall dust yourself off and try again. We only learn from our mistakes and others. 😉🤗♥️

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