Road Trip!!!

From Brussels to Berlin to Warsaw

So, the last time we chatted I arrived in Brussels, Belgium and I was with my boo, Mateusz. But, we had not made it to Poland yet. Mateusz was in Brussels for work and I met him there. We were going to make the most of our weekend in Brussels and explore all they had to offer.

Well, when I was going through Border Control the officer tells me that I need to pay more attention to the news because Brussel s is about to go into another lockdown due to COVID-19. I am texting Mateusz. He states that he has not heard anything about Brussels going into a lockdown.

We get to the hotel, as I am changing, Mateusz is reading the news. The way the news was showing the information the lockdown was possible, but no one knew what was going to happen. So, Mateusz made the decision that we should start heading to Poland because if Brussels was in lockdown we would not be able to do anything in the city. And we did not want to get stuck there.

Before we leave, Mateusz wanted to show me a few landmarks in Brussels. So, we head to the center of Brussels and take off on foot to do some sightseeing. He takes me to see the “peeing boy” and the “peeing girl.” I had to try chips (French fries) in Brussels and we ordered food to go.

Then, we hit the road… I just want to give a SHOUT OUT to all of those people who love to drive because I am not one of them. And Mateusz drove us to Berlin, Germany, which is around an 8 hour drive.

I booked the hotel when we were around 30 minutes outside of Berlin. We arrived at the hotel, took the essentials out of the car for the evening, checked-in to the hotel, got ready for bed, and Mateusz was knocked out.

Confession: I am so envious of people who do not have to unwind for 30 minutes to 2 hours before going to bed. I am jealous!

He is over there sleeping like a baby and I am looking for a spoon to eat a snack before I brush my teeth. I am downright green with envy. LoL

It is Saturday now. We wake up early to get breakfast before we set out to make the most of the day and tour Berlin. We went to the Berlin wall, found a place to have drinks, walked around for about 3-4 more hours, got food, and then we were off again. We arrived in Warsaw, Poland around 10pm on the evening of Halloween.

 I want to give an award to Mateusz. He is the real MVP for driving a total of approximately 14 hours. *crowd cheers*

Can I also say, I have never seen a person this happy to know that I will be living with them. Ok, ok… I can think of a few people, but this is different. 🙂

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