Ciao, Hasta Luego, & Do Zobaczenia Później Mi Amores

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is something that has to be done so often. Like when our parents first drop us off at daycare for the first time or when we go to school for the first time. It is never easy for them. And I know it was never easy for me. Yeah, I had attachment issues. 

I was the child who had to sit in timeout for the first week of school because I cried for too long when my mom dropped me off at daycare, 4k, and 5k. I think I finally understood temporary separation did not equate to forever by 1st grade. I was 6 years old. *In Poland children do not start 1st grade until around 7 years of age*

Over the years I have grown more confident in my ability to be away from my family and friends. I actually enjoy being alone. LoL! But, I love my family and friends sooooo much and there is not one person on this earth who could tell you differently. Also, if you do not know me personally, I have this ability to make friends anywhere. Whether that is on social media, at a bar, at the grocery store, in the movies, and at work; yes, that is me. I have friends on social media who I have had to tell them “in my head we are friends and I hope we can meet someday.” LMAO! *shrug*

So, in the months of September and October I tried to squeeze as much time in with my family and friends as I could with the consideration of COVID-19. I went home more often, I tried to communicate more often, I made myself more available, and I stepped outside of my comfort zone sometimes. Unlike family, we choose our friends and just like a romantic relationship we have to choose to be available, welcoming, and open to maintain those relationships. 

At this moment I would like to give a HUGE shout out to the Moore Family for opening up their home to house and shelter me for those 2 months that I was homeless. Not really homeless, but saving money after I sold my house. LoL! They fed me, loved on me, and this opportunity allowed me to be able to bond with my Goddaughters A LOT more. This family has held a special place in my heart for as long as I have known them and that space is a little larger☺

Also, thank you Detra for organizing, Nikima for the cupcakes, Daddy for not giving yourself away, Danielle for driving over an hour away, Charmaine for being the DD, and everyone else who SURPRISED me with a going away brunch! O mój boże (OMG)! I was crying and sobbing and elated. I was able to see friends who I had not seen for months, April and Rez. My heart was overflowing and I felt so loved. Everyone who came to Publico means so much to me and if you were not there, but intended to come know that the thought means a lot to me. 

And I cannot forget the razzle dazzle of an event Jennifer put together for our girls night! There were balloons, there were snacks, there was painting, and friendship with laughter. Thank you ladies for waiting for me because I was late. I’m ashamed. But, I am not really ashamed because I was at dinner with my parents to show them some love and appreciation. LoL… But, know I love you.

Now here is the real MVP… Akiem! He drove 13 hours from Florida to see me. Yes, 13 HOURS!! Woo-child! The brother my mother did not give birth to. The cousin I fought with, but begged to see. He is my drinking, eating, and laughing partner. This was a busy weekend to say the least and I tried to make the most of it. From front yard tailgating to HBCU theater room turn ups! Linda made the brownies (they were oh so scrumptious). To pumpkin carving and back to tailgating. We were all over the place. And I love you for coming along for the ride. *hug*

Last, but not least! My SHS friends made sure I left with a full belly. Praise God for people who know what you love, food! We had chicken, rolls, potato salad, salad, delicious not homemade cheesecake (do not tell Lissa I told you), mac and cheese, beef rice (that is not the name), and I can’t even remember what else there was. Ooo, but it was good!

Then, as we always do, we planned a last minute turkey wings on the grill, apple cinnamon rolls, Momma Jenkins famous potato salad, and a This Is Us viewing party for my last day in the US in 2020. The food was mouthwatering with a little drool on the side. Mmm, mmm… I will stop typing now because I have teared up this whole post. 

My family, mi familia, my loved ones there are not enough words to express how much I love you and how loved you make me feel. Until the next time we see each other by facetime, in person, or on social media. I love you! And y’all better come visit me, you know when Europe opens back up. 

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  1. I could feel all the love you described in this post. The love of friends and family is a beautiful gift ❣️

  2. So wonderful and a beautiful post!! I’m happy you are happy and keeping a memoir of your journey
    Much love

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