The First Date

I wake up on the 4th of July at 11:30 am to get dressed to meet Mateusz for our first date to get brunch. I text him, “I am texting you to make sure we are still going to brunch before I start getting dressed,” and he does not respond immediately. Then, I call and he responds to the text, “yes,” “I’m checking out.” First of all, no I do not cut any slack to any man I am just now meeting, players will play, and I do not take pride in losing beauty sleep. So, I text, “let me know when you are on your way,” and I continue getting dressed.

We meet downstairs in the front of the hotel and he tells me immediately where he plans to take me. Ok, he is a planner. Check. We are walking to the location and there is a line down the block and this happens for the next 2 locations. I mean it is the weekend of the Essence Festival.

Finally we find a restaurant, it is in a hotel and there is a 3 course brunch special, bougie. He becomes upset because there are no items on the menu with eggs. I never knew a man could love eggs so much. LoL! We talk, eat, drink coffee, and he talks some more. He asks me if I would like to watch the fireworks with him and of course I do! My friends and I had planned to do this also. He walks me back to meet my friends who are at the restaurant next to the hotel that is damn near empty. And guess what, they have eggs. LMAO!

The things that stood out for me within the 1st 12 hours of meeting Mateusz are as follows:

  1. He is fine, attractive, handsome, good-looking, easy on the eyes, and I think I said fine already!
  2. Accommodating
  3. Talkative (I mean to the point that I was impressed because I am a TALKER!)
  4. Adventurous (he drove to New Orleans from Miami to listen to the live music for the day)
  5. Athletic
  6. Intelligent
  7. Loves to drive (I hate it)
  8. Builds furniture (so he could build a house, right?)
  9. An engineer who is a lubrication specialist (this was his pick-up line, we will discuss this in a moment)
  10. And not a sex trafficker! (this man wanted me to come with him to Miami before he flew back to Poland)

When I met Mateusz we went outside to talk because we were in a club and that means it was loud. I asked him what does he do for a living and he stated, “I am a lubrication specialist.” I ask him, “what kind of lubrication do you specialize in?” He was not expecting my question. He told me the number and stated that he is the owner of the lubrication design for a jet engine.

Your girl only dabbles in the simple understanding of car engines.  So, I start walking him through how the oil is used to lubricate the car engine. Thanks daddies, Terrell and Andy! The man was impressed. Yaassssss! He then thought I was a prostitute because I was interested in talking about engineering, on the level of Amsterdam prostitutes because he was not aware of what USA prostitutes look like. ROTFLMAO! He did not tell me he thought I was a prostitute and I did not tell him I thought he was a sex trafficker until a month or so later. You see, Mateusz and I both had red flags that diminished with time. Because everything takes time.

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