It Has Been a Long Time Since I Posted… Sorry!

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Hello my people, hello my people!

I know it has been a long time since I did a post and I am sorry for that. I have been trying to wrap my mind around:

  1. Making decorations
  2. How will I decorate my wedding
  3. Do I really care
  4. Is eloping still an option

Lawd! The wedding is supposed to be the fun part and the more I think about decorating the less I care. I mean is even that serious 😩


I am just the bride. This is for the groom to be happy, although he states otherwise. LoL! Bring on the vodka, good music, and friends and we are both good. But, let’s be serious, this is for the people. I know, I know weddings are a special moment for family and friends to gather together to witness the joining of two people as one. Soooo, romantic. 🥰

I get it, but I would rather have family vacations and thousands of dollars in my pocket. 😭

Ok, I am done venting and now I would like to tell you that we are going to the U.S. 🥳. I will not have to think about anything other than handing out invitations! Oh… And seeing all of my family and friends, going on road trips, eating Thanksgiving food 🤤, drinking wine with my family and friends, and eating Thanksgiving food with my family and friends. *You see what’s important right?*

I am so excited! I have not seen my family in almost a year and although time flies when you are having fun, it has been too long. So, let’s raise our glasses and drink to that! 🥂

What is the longest time you have been away from your family and longtime friends and stayed sane?

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