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It is the middle of March, Mateusz is stuck in the United States, and we do not know when he will be able to return to Poland. There has been so many things planned, as previously stated, that will not happen. We are still planning for me to move to Poland.

My realtor, Penny, has been coming to my house to make sure all of the details are ironed out to sell my home as soon as possible. It is a seller’s market, houses are being sold left and right. My cousin’s house was on the market for less than 14 days when she received her first offer. I am blown away and ready to get this party started. But, there is one hitch… Mateusz is working from home and where would he go for viewings?

So, we put the house selling idea on the back burner until we are able to book a flight for Mateusz to leave South Carolina and go back to Poland. In the meantime, we will enjoy our time together and do what we can while he is here.

Ok, how many people wore a few extra hats during the COVID-19 shutdown?

Meeee! I did. LoL… I became a chef, a sous-chef, a barber, a work from homer, and a patient girlfriend. I think the last one is the most significant. *side eye*

Imagine a woman, who only trims her own ends, cutting a man’s hair in the backyard for it to be cute and stylish! If my hair is not even after trimming my ends I do like my Grandmother said “bend the ends, no one will know.” Well, this is where my patience was first tested. Lawd!!!

If I was cutting his hair in a way that I was comfortable, I was not doing it right. “That is not how the person who usually cuts my hair holds the scissors.” UGH!!! Well, I am not she or he and they are not me! Gosh! Let us not even start with the trimmers.

We LITERALLY got to a point where I asked him if he wanted to do it! Took me back to the days when I was getting my hair done by my mom. I now understand. Hush and only talk when I ask you a question. LMAO!!!

Needless to say, we started drinking before haircuts after that. LoL

We are well into April and there is no sign of Mateusz going home. Every time we try to check for return flights out of Columbia, SC they are for a month from the week of checking. The Polish government was paying for chartered flights out of Chicago to get its citizens back to Poland. But, that would mean Mateusz would have to pay for a flight back to Poland. Even though he has a flight that has already been paid for by his company and he has been approved to work remotely.

Mateusz and I utilized his time in South Carolina to get my house sell ready. He fixed things around the house. He trimmed bushes, cut grass, cemented stone, and hammered in nails. I went through clothes, shoes, kitchen items, gardening tools, yard tools, furniture, linen, toiletry items, books, movies, and anything else you can think of. I had to choose what I wanted to keep and what I was giving away. This was difficult and I became emotional over time. I had to fit my whole life into 4 checked bags and a carry-on. Real tears flowed.

May was full of good times, it is our birthday month! We celebrated my birthday with my family and friends, by cooking out at my mom’s house. Mateusz loves cooking on the grill. You hear me. LoL… If you do not want to do it or know what you are doing, you can believe he is going to get that food right. Praise GOD that man can cook!

To continue the celebration we went strawberry picking at Cottle Strawberry Farm in Columbia, SC. I celebrate my birthday all month. Try it, you will thank me later. Mateusz had never gone strawberry picking and enjoyed the process more than he thought he would. On the same day he was able to meet one of the special people in my life, Maria.

My goal, while Mateusz was stuck in the US, was to make sure Mateusz was able to meet as many people as possible that mean the world to me. He met many of these people, but nothing close to all of them. We will have time for that.

For Mateusz’s birthday weekend, we were able to go on a hike at Paris Mountain State Park and this was Detra’s first hike. The outdoors is my favorite place to exercise. My friends and I were able to do a photo shoot. Woot-woot!! This was all followed by a taco night. Who doesn’t like tacos? Yummy!

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