Purvis Family Reunion

It’s the last week of July and Mateusz and I have decided that the only way for us to see each other is for him to come to my family reunion. I am one of the coordinators so it’s cool with me, OBVIOUSLY. But, let me check with my Dad, Terrell, to be sure. He says it is fine for Mateusz to come to the family reunion, but we need to make sure there is a room available because we only reserved 2 rooms and I was supposed to be in the room with my Dad and my Grandparents were going to get the other room.  In the end, my Grandparents decided only to drive down with my Aunt and Uncle on Saturday. Room finalized.

I drive to Charleston, SC on the afternoon of Friday, July 26, 2019 to help setup and host the meet and greet at the hotel for my family. Ok, so the Purvis Family Reunion is one of my favorite family reunions to attend because some of my favorite people are there. We drink, eat, play games, laugh, CUT UP, tell stories of the past, and have fun! (You may see a trend… I looooooove to eat, drink, and have fun!)

In my opinion, if Mateusz can survive a family reunion after only knowing me for less than a month, he is a keeper. LoL! Because if you have ever been to a black family reunion you know there are no holds barred. I am so excited!

Mateusz arrives after landing in Savannah, GA and taking a road trip through Tybee Island, GA, eating a burger, and finally heading my way. He loves food as much as I do and I love that about him. I am so excited to see him! And he came bearing gifts. Eeks! He is such a sweetie!

We go downstairs by the pool to sign him in and get his name tag. He is meeting my family and mingling. He meets my cousin Regina (#oneofmyfavoritepeople) and now he is her boo, but he says she is not in his age range and lives too far away. As the night progress Regina mentions something along the lines of she brought her honey/husband with her so that is why she can flirt with my boyfriend. ROTFLMAO!!! She was on it the whole weekend! I am so ready to go to another reunion!

So, my Dad and I planned a very laidback family reunion to give people a chance to do their own thing and made sure to schedule times for the family to get together because there is soooooo much you can do in Charleston, SC. This allowed Mateusz and I time to go downtown for brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe, a wine tasting while we waited for our table to become available, and a beautiful walk with my dear friend Mariel after we finished our delicious food and mimosas. Mateusz had a bloody mary! #jealous

While we were out with Mariel, we were also able to buy the gifts for the family who traveled the furthest, the individual who is the oldest, the family with the most members attending the family reunion, and the individual who is the youngest. Everyone liked their Charleston, SC memorabilia. Woohoo! Mateusz was so proud of himself because he picked the gift my grandfather chose. He was too cute!

The weekend ended up being a success! Mateusz enjoyed himself at the family reunion and had fun visiting a new city in the United States. My family enjoyed meeting him and we all had a ball. I got to get to know some new family members and get to know some family members better. I think he is a keeper. Yup, he is stuck. Now, I can start getting ready for my trip to Poland for Labor Day.

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