Preparing to go BlacktoPoland

When we first decided that I was going to move to Poland, at the beginning of 2020, my brain went into overdrive and I started preparing. I started making a budget, asking questions, and researching everything I would possibly need while in Poland. I wanted to know how much money I needed in order to survive in Poland for a year without needing to have a job. I wanted to continue to have the same lifestyle I lived in the USA. Because why not? 

I made a list of the things I wanted to be able to continue doing like:

  • Getting a massage
  • Going to the aesthetician
  • Going out 
  • Entertaining others
  • Traveling

Mateusz and I discussed what my financial obligations would be while we are living together in Poland. This is the moment we thought it would be good for me to put my house up for rent so I would have some form of income. I researched the process of having a rental property, and it did not seem like a good idea. I also did not want to be on the other side of the world and have a huge financial obligation without a guaranteed income. 

So, I started planning…

  • I wrote out my current expenses and looked to see where I could decrease payments
  • Started talking to my Providers to get a year supply of my medications
  • Started talking to friends and family who needed any and everything
  • Stopped taking vacation (I wanted to receive a full salary check after leaving)
  • Talked to Human Resources about donating my sick leave since I would not get paid for it
  • Figured out which documents I would need for marriage and residency

Most of my plans were in a “hurry up and wait” scenario. Mateusz was stuck in the USA with me and I needed to get things in order because I didn’t know when either one of us could leave. So, as I stated in the previous post, I could not sell my house until he left and I could not sell my car until I was no longer working. 

COVID-19 brought on many tears because our original flight plan fell through and we were back at the beginning of getting me to Poland with the possibility of me having to wait longer. All of my plans were based on me being able to get a flight to Europe. We called around to make sure I could fly there, I would not be turned around at the borders, and to make sure we would be together at the end of this stressful journey.It is amazing because saving money was the easy part. We decreased how often we ordered food, and I decreased my car payment and student loans to the minimum payment required. My goal was to save up enough money to cover my costs of living before I left.

Lots of people do not know that if you pay on your loan payments twice a month you pay less interest in the end. This happens due to you touching the loan more often than once a month. Also, you do not necessarily have to pay more, just pay half of the amount twice a month.

I sold my house, car, furniture, appliances, and dishes. I gave away everything. At the end of the day I was debt free and I saved the money I needed. October 20, 2020 was a new day and I felt lighter. 

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