July 3, 2019: New Orleans Baby

We are in New Orleans, BABY! My girls and I are primming and prepping to hit the New Orleans streets. Ooo!!! We are cute! We do our bathroom photoshoot, take some shots, and we are out! (You can tell I am reliving the excitement, right? LoL) We head straight to Bourbon Street by foot because when we gather together no one needs to drive home. Uber, Lyft, taxi us, please. Thank you!

Bourbon Street is jumping because it is the week of the Essence Festival. We walk Bourbon Street once or twice. Then we pass this club called “Fat Catz Music Club” with a lady singing live old school music. They are jamming!

We go in, we are dancing, we have a few drinks, and the next thing we know it’s been 2 hours and the band is leaving. That did NOT stop the party. The DJ starts playing music and the MC comes out. Aaaaye! We move to the other side of the bar because I have acquired an older gentleman stalker who seemed to be with someone but thought it was an obligation for me to give him my number for an $8 drink. Boy BYE!

We are on the other side of the club, and I see this cute guy through the crowd standing at the bar looking at me. I am like, Ooo! He is cute! Danielle, look at this man! Detra look ain’t he cute! He is still looking, so I wave. You know the wave they do in “The Little Rascals” movie, you put your hand under your chin, and you wiggle your fingers? That is the wave I did. And he did not wave back. So, I do it again. No response. I get Detra and Danielle to verify that this man is looking in my direction. Verification confirmed. “I will be right back.” Now, I am heading to the bar.

Me: So you didn’t see me waving at you?!

Mateusz: I try not to stare.

Me: That is not what I asked you! Did you not see me waving at you?!

Mateusz: I try not to stare.

Me:*rolls eyes* What is your name?

Mateusz, who has an accent that I soon learned is Polish was only in town for the night and was leaving to go back to Miami in the morning to take a flight back to Poland on July 6th. His brilliant idea for us to see each other again was for me to come to Miami with him, and he would fly me back to New Orleans on the 5th, but Detra was not having it. LOL! So, he booked a hotel right there for the next night, and we had a scheduled date the same day at 12 pm. At this time, it was approximately 5 am on the 4th of July.

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