Pizza, Mountains, and Meeting the Parents

We are off! And I will be meeting the parents!

Mateusz and I have finished our exploration of Wroclaw, Poland and head to Mateusz’s parents’ house for the evening. Mateusz buys snacks to abate my hanger. LoL… And we embark on our 3.5 hour drive. We arrive at his parent’s house on the evening of Thursday, September 5, 2019. Everyone is asleep and we settle in and go to bed.

So… I have met a boyfriend’s parents before and I am always amazeballs! Because I think I am awesome, my parents think I am awesome, you may think I am awesome, but… Will Mateusz’s parents think I am awesome?

  • Here are the complications I was facing:
    1. A language barrier
    2. A language barrier
    3. A language barrier
    4. And did I mention that there is, was, and remains to be a language barrier. Oh, ok.

I have been, am currently, and will continue to try learning Polish, but if you have never seen this language, heard this language, or listened to this language. Take it from me, it is difficult. Now, there are people who say that English is hard. Nope, try Polish. LoL! And you cannot change my mind. I do not care. How did I end up here?!?! Ooooh!  I remember, once upon a New Orleans night. Ok, never mind. I got this.

We have the morning to ourselves and Mateusz makes breakfast for us and brings out the most adorable picture of him when he was around 3-5 years old and a blonde. He, he… Too cute! We enjoy breakfast on the back porch shaded by the Chinese willow tree under the morning sun. I do a few yoga stretches, and then we start getting ready for our lunch visit with Mateusz’s best friend at his restaurant.

The drive to Hubert’s restaurant is not too far away, but allows for a beautiful drive through the country sides of Poland. We arrive to the restaurant and Hubert makes us a delicious ham and arugula pizza. Mmm… He then, asks if we would like ice. Who me?!? Of course!  And offers us a homemade black currant topping for the vanilla soft serve ice cream. Lawd!!! The sweet with the sour combination was out of this world! I didn’t say it was all made in house?! Well, it was and it was GOOD! Oh my gosh, we finished it off with a coffee. Ugh! This is a man after my own heart and I do not even think he knows.

Before heading home Mateusz and I went for a hike in the Swietokryskie Mountains. This was a beautiful hike on one of the oldest mountains in Europe and we did it in Chucks. i.e. I was not prepared because Mateusz wanted everything to be a surprise. #sideeye

We return to Mateusz’s parents’ house and his mother is preparing dinner, Mateusz’s favorite meal. Potato cakes and beef gravy, which is like finely shredded potatoes with onions shredded along with them, they are mixed with a little flour, salt and pepper, and they are fried. But, the secret is that you eat them fresh. So, you fry a batch and plate them. Then, you put more potato cakes in the pan while you are eating. And whoever finishes first finishes cooking them. But, make sure you start more potato cakes in the pan for the next person.

It is a family meal and everyone participates, except for me because I was a guest. Thank God! The beef gravy is more like a stewed beef that you place on top. It is a very yummy and hearty meal.

Mateusz’s parents were gracious hosts and made sure I was comfortable and needed for nothing. I think we are off to a good start. At dinner we shared a few laughs and conversation through Mateusz (our interpreter) before leaving to head back to Warsaw to continue the adventure.  I am definitely one of those people who you either love or hate and they did not hate me… So, they are going to looooove me! Aye!

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