Let’s Rewind Back to 2019

let's rewind back

Ok, so let us rewind time and go back to 2019… I had just finished my master’s program at the end of 2018, and there were no prospects in sight. I am ready to find this remote Nursing Informatics job, travel the world, and build my love tribe!

In my head, I had been in love 2 or 3 times. I have had a few relationships. I was thinking, “I have reached my love quota, and I do not want to do this relationship thing again.” Dating is just exhausting. UGH! And who would have the time when I was catching flights, not feelings. 

Around February or March, my best friend, Tyeisha, and I were talking about becoming debt-free so that we can live our best lives or a better version of our best lives. So, I have an epiphany, and I am all excited about the idea of selling my house, paying off my student loans, and just traveling. Why not?!?! FYI I am very easily excitable. He, he. Especially when it comes to having the burden of my almost $32,000 student loan debt wiped AWAY!

To this moment, I know my home was one of my best investments. Praise GOD; I could not find an apartment 8 years ago! Enter praise break… My memory is like that of a goldfish with an elephant’s soul, which means I forgot about my epiphany but continued to live with my epiphany in my soul. *shrug*

All of 2019 was a celebration. I was traveling, exploring, and celebrating life and bonds in Wilmington, North Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida, Miami, Florida, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Montreal, Quebec, and Washington, D.C with my friends and family. Then, I was on my way to New Orleans to meet my girls for the Essence Festival. Aaayyye!

After boarding the plane, I met a talkative, charismatic travel agent, Shondra. She was telling me about a friend she has who sold everything and moved to Europe. Say what now, my friend! Yes! She is a sailing nanny, and that is how she makes her money to live there.

Ooo, yessss! I am selling everything, paying off all my bills, moving to Europe, and becoming a NANNY! Of course, that is a dream job for an RN. When I get back to South Carolina, I am going to start the process. Woohoo!

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