I am Officially Learning Polish!

I am sure you all have seen my previous post about me knowing a few Polish words and pleasantries. And yes, I have learned a few more in the past few months since that post because my goal was to learn at least 1 word or statement a week. So, guess what?!?! I am officially learning Polish!!! Woohoo!!!

So, my journey with learning Polish has been a slow one because I tried using Duolingo initially and Mateusz told me one sentence was incorrect and that the application was not a good one to use. So, I stopped using it. Then, a few months later I started again and well Mateusz was convinced otherwise. 

Duolingo has definitely been helpful in my learning Polish. But, like anything I do in my life, at some point I get distracted and lose interest in the application. And that is a me thing, not an application thing because they send reminders to take lessons, progress reports, and have been helpful in building my vocabulary. I have just lost interest. 

Now, I am learning Polish from an official Polish teacher and I am excited. Learning Polish will help me to be able to communicate with my future in-laws and it will also give me some independence. Plus, it will allow me to speak up for myself.

I say this because when I have encountered some people in the service industry, not all of them, I have been charged more, given poor service, or given less simply because I do not speak Polish. So, now I am going to do a little experiment. I want to know if it is due to the color of my skin, due to my sex, or due to me not speaking Polish. Either way… It is bullshit. 

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3 thoughts on “In Recent News on Love: I am Officially Learning Polish”

  1. Do you have Polish friends? I know it’s pandemic and all, but the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in it. Watch movies at home with subtitles, ask your fiance to talk to you in Polish etc and try talking, however broken you think it sounds, just talk. People will understand you or will try at least. I was learning English like that. Eventually I got fluent. And don’t pay attention to petty people. Some of them have never been outside their own city block. They will stare and point, and will ask to touch your hair. Most likely the older they are the more rude they are going to be. I’m not saying it’s ok, but some people are just closed minded.

    1. Yes, of course, I have Polish friends. LoL… My fiancé speaks Polish to me and his parents only speak Polish and know a few words in English. So, there’s that immersion. Oddly enough, the people who have treated me unfair were younger people. The older individuals that I have encountered have been genuinely nice. And I haven’t experienced and pointing yet. 🤣😂 Staring… Every time I leave the house. LoL… But, I’m use to it. I just wave or say, “Dzien dobry.”🤷🏽‍♀️ People will be people.

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