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let's rewind back

A week or so ago I was contacted by one of the people I love who is a podcast host on 3 Psychs and a Mic, Dr. Shari. And let’s just say… I was too excited because I always listen to their show and respond as though they can hear me! I am not ashamed. LoL

I have done a Fan of a Friend Friday on 3 Psychs and a Mic in a previous post. The podcast is made up of Dr. Shari, Dr. April, and Dr. Erica. Currently, Dr. Erica is on maternity leave and they have a few people joining them weekly as guest hosts. I am so honored that they thought of me. 

I was so excited to be a guest host on 3 Psychs and a Mic and to be talking to my girls for the first time in months! And I mean months! Like 8 months!  *mind blown* I was all over the place. I have issues with focusing and staying on task. I did not even stick to the script I wrote for myself. So, just think of this as a very excited girl on the other side of the world having a conversation with her girls. My struggle has always been real. And I was too hype.

During the show we discussed travel, language, bonnet etiquette/who cares, taking risks, naysayers, what brought me to Poland, how I mentally prepared for the “leap,” and advice I would give others thinking about becoming an expat. It was so awesome! I want to thank 3 Psychs and a Mic for giving me a platform to share my story and for supporting me. It really means a lot and I think a tear or 2 dropped when I was asked if I would like to join you ladies for a show. 

What this opportunity has shown me is that:

  • I need to practice my interviewing skills
  • Control my excitement
  • I should not wait this long to talk to friends I love
  • I need to stick to the script 

Thank you, thank you for this learning opportunity! 

Oh! Another thing I would like to talk about when taking a risk. Do not be afraid to continuously learn and be willing to pivot. Always research things you want to do and on the places you want to go. Be open to receiving advice and making new friends. You will be surprised where those paths can lead. 

Life is a continuous adventure with highs and lows. So, take that trip, buy that dress, work on that goal, forgive the person who wronged you, and love fearlessly. Because the way you are feeling now will change and you never want to look back thinking what if I had done this or maybe I should have done that. Go out there and tackle those obstacles! 

I think it is so beautiful how the life I am currently living just came together in a way that I would be crazy to say no to. And I use the word crazy loosely. Because I have done a lot of things that people would say, “Deidre you are crazy!” So, that is who I am. Living my life in a way that I am always open, willing, and trying to discover things that I like and do not like. And ways to challenge myself to be better. 

My grandmother always said you have to try it once to know you do not like it. She was talking about food, but I also apply this to life. Why not? You only get one life to live.

Listen! I am the person who at 33 said I would never be in a relationship again. And look at me. LoL!

I am in a relationship with someone I choose to be with because he chose to make the leap worth it! And I was open to letting him show me that the adventure we were about to go on was going to be one for the books. We take care of each other with loving support and attention to each other’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Our main goal is to make each other happy and feel loved. With open and honest communication being the foundation. 

You can listen to the 3 Psychs and a Mic podcast episode 72 on any of your podcasting platforms. And you will be able to find them on:

Instagram: 3 Psychs and a Mic

Facebook: 3 Psychs and A Mic


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