Wedding Bells & My House is For Sale

Hey y’all! Do you remember Mateusz came to the USA in March for a business trip, to visit me, and to go to my friend Detra’s wedding? Well, due to the spread of COVID-19 all events were cancelled in March 2020 and Mateusz was stuck with me in the USA for approximately 5-6 months. Needless to say, this pushed back Detra and Stanley’s wedding to August 2020 and I could not put my house on the market to be sold until Mateusz went back to Poland. Do I hear wedding bells?

By August of 2020 I know Detra’s mom was ready for all of the wedding festivities and to see her beautiful daughter as a bride. *side note* She wanted the wedding to be in May of 2019 and did not understand why Detra wanted to wait so long. LoL… I love Momma Judy! 

Now the time has come and we are all ready for the events and to get together before our girl gets married. The wedding rehearsal was for the books and the rehearsal dinner was lit! Detra’s Dad was a hit with ALL of the men. I mean… Mateusz was so touched by Mr. Zoe that he cried when we were leaving the wedding. *Yes, I was jealous* He ain’t ever cried after saying goodbye to me. LoL!!!

Detra and Stanley’s wedding was beautiful and had the people to match. We had a ball! There was lots of laughter, shots, and dancing to go around. It was definitely a time to remember and we now have more memories and stories to share. He he!

Now that the fun is over, I have to get my house cleared out, cleaned out, and ready to be put on the market. And within the week Mateusz is going back to Poland. I was sad, but I knew this was the first step needed for me to be able to go BlacktoPoland. 

In all honesty, I do not think I have cleaned my house this detailed since I moved into it. Nope, I cleaned my house like this the first time Mateusz was coming to visit me at my house. I was wiping cabinets down, cleaning out drawers, cleaning the oven, and everything. I do not think I had ever been that nervous or anxious in my entire life.

This time took the cake and ate it. I had so much to do in 2 days that I had to call my dad for backup. He was wiping while I was scrubbing. We were both loading cars and trucks. Oh and I had to rehome all of my plants and my heart was breaking. Some people have animals and children, I have plants.

When I took the final item out of the house, I cried like a baby, said a prayer, and closed the door. This was one of  the hardest things I had done. I think this home was the only place I ever stayed for almost 9 years and I will not be able to return to it. 

So, many memories were made in that house. Accomplishments achieved. Soooooo many adventures were planned there. And I am so grateful for what that house has allowed me to do. It is not for the love of an earthly possession, but for the love that was shared and cultivated within those 4 walls. Those 4 walls gave me financial freedom.

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