Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Hello everyone, but especially to the mothers out there! So, I wanted to do this post on Sunday, but life… Right. Mothers are a group of special individuals. They love unconditionally, care generously, and their giving is unlimited and unmatched. Mothers are the gift that keeps on giving, even when there seems to be nothing left to give. 

My mother taught me so many things about life and she continues to teach me daily. Not only from what I witnessed from her as a child and teenager, but even as an adult. She showed me what it means to work hard, provide for a family, be independent, what sacrifice looks like, and that everyone needs a different type of love. My mother taught me how to make a way out of no way. 

Wanda, yes that is her name especially if she does not answer Ma! Mother! Or Momma! LoL! She showed me that you do not have to have everything in order to enjoy life, all you need is family. And sometimes family are friends. 

You know what!!! This woman showed me that love is shown through food and by spending time with the people you love. Also, you must take time for yourself and show up for you.

Let me talk about this other lady who calls herself my mother. LoL! Mother Burch is what I call her. Some people know her as MaMa, some know her as Sheba, and everyone knows her as Mrs. Burch. This lady who is my grandmother has shown me grace, pose, how to bake, and what it means to save. Mother Burch reiterated the idea and feel goodness of loving people through food.

Tyra, thank you for being there for my daddy and me. You have come into my life and did not skip a beat. The love you show your family is as beautiful as you are as a person.

I must say I admire the love that Mateusz’s mother pours into him. But, not only does she pour into Mateusz, she pours into her family and community. She is the hostess with the mostest! And this leads me to Kasha… She is a true example of a daughter who is a model example of her mother. Their love and compassion is radiating. 

If I have not been poured into by anyone it is the women in my life and they give and pour and give and so much more. Ok, here are those other mothers who I look up to and have loved from the day I was born, they were born, or I met them!

Heather I think, no, I know I have always looked up to you and I wanted to be stylish and gorgeous just like my big cousin. Henri you are the ying to my yang! Candas you set all of the standards and I always wanted to be as confident as you. Ashownte you possess the pose of the GODs and you have always been so well put together, even as a child, it is so crazy to me. Elizabeth and Imani to see you two grow up in to women makes me feel old, but your resiliency warms my heart. Jennifer and Brittany the intelligence and beauty that exude you two is magnetic.

Nikima, Detra, and Tyeisha to watch you all grow into beautiful mothers and literally do things that we said we would never do or could not do. But, you all have jumped hurdles without a second thought and with so much grace. I love the things that I have learned from you ladies!

Ladies, ladies, ladies!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! For all of the women above and the women I did not mention thank you for being a part of my life and choosing to be my friend and loving me! You all make mothering look easy and we all know that is a lie. LoL!!! 

I could go on and on about all of the beautiful women I know. My aunts, friends, and loved ones have made life a truly exciting adventure! I love every one of you with all of the pieces of my heart. And I hope each of you enjoyed your day. I am not crying, you are! *sniff, sniff*

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