Happy Father’s Day!

The men in my life set some pretty high standards for any man who I have ever crossed. I know there are many people who feel the same way and I can understand. They helped create a desire for adventure, made me feel like I could do anything, and showed me how to give and receive love. And for that, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to the daddies in my world!


Let me start with those amazing grandfathers of mine. I can truly say there is nothing quite like that grandfather’s love. They love you and pour into you like their cup is never empty, has never been empty, and will never go empty. My Granddaddy (Jack) was an amazing cook, hummed his own tune, and was the most giving soul I ever knew. He spoiled my mom rotten and always called me by my middle name. He he

My Gran-gran (Henry) was a hoot! He would fuss, fuss, fuss and it was always so funny to me even now thinking back on it. We always had a silent connection. We did not talk to each other much even when I was around him every day, but if something was needed, even sometimes just wanted he made it happen. I think he saved most of his talking for events and my dad. Oh and David. LoL

There’s nothing that really compares to grandparents, I think that is why I am so excited to be one. I mean I have forever for that right? LMAO… In my head I do. 


Now, let’s talk about my daddy (Terrell). I won’t make it long because I could go all day. LoL!!! But, if I had to sum up who my daddy is to me in a short statement it would start like this… Have you ever met a man who made you feel like you were a piece of thread going through the eye of a needle? I ask this question because if you have ever threaded a needle or seen someone thread a needle, it takes concentration, focus, and your undivided attention to see the thread through to the other side without it fraying. That is how my daddy always made me feel. Along with all of that focus and effort, he made sure I knew how to be independent and stand on my own. 

To be honest, I feel sorry for anyone who had anything unfavorable to say about my dad being all about me because my dad is the nicest person you will ever meet. But, if you cross me I am sorry. 

Daddy Andy I want to thank you for loving me and my sisters and taking care of us without skipping a beat or a second thought. Thank you! I can say that you showed me that girls can work on cars and do yard work. Oh! And lift weights. LoL… You include us in everything no matter who, what, where, when or why and I love you for that. One of the conversations that we had when I was a teenager about boys specifically, but it is applicable to anyone, that has always stayed with me was about people changing. Because I thought that I could be the light in someone’s life and they would want to change because of it. You told me that “people only change if they want to.” And those few words have helped me know when to walk away from situations that could have been very detrimental to my well being. Thank you☺

All fathers

I know a lot of people and I know a lot of fathers. That is just what happens when you are 35 years old and have a lot of friends. LoL… And it is those fathers who are there that make life so rich. The saying is that “it takes a village.” You know what, it really does. And because it takes a village the father may not be what you ideally think of a father to be, but the pouring from one fatherly adult cup to a child’s cup is a beautiful experience to witness, be a part of, and to receive. 

I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all of the daddies, uncles, cousins, brothers, neighbors, and friends who give a little person love regularly without a question or a shadow of doubt that this is what you will do. I am elated that you are a part of my village! I love you and enjoy your day <3 

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  1. Even though I witness your life through social media I feel as if I’m a part of it I’m so happy for all of you and thank you for sharing your life openly!❤ Peace and blessings to you and yours!!

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