Friends, Family, and Love

Party, party, party let’s all get wasted! And drink tea! And celebrate! I mean… Who does not like to celebrate life, love, family, and friends!

We were a busy couple on this particular Saturday. LoL! I have 2 people who I love dearly, no 3, who needed celebrating. You have to love on the people in your life while you have time! You never know what will happen or what life events may prevent you from seeing them in person again.  

On this day Mateusz and I woke up at too late in the morning to get to Goodale State Park on time. Yes, we were late. But, we were still able to go canoeing and kayaking with my cousin Kiem to celebrate his birthday. Then, we rushed back to Columbia, SC for me to shower and get dressed to go to my best FRANNNNN Tyeisha’s birthday tea party. Pinkies up sipping tea, eating biscuits with jam and delicious sandwiches; the Shortcake Bakery & Tea Room in Columbia, SC has such a beautiful array of tea selections. The atmosphere was top notch! And I was late to this event also. Yes, I am ashamed. *shrug*

I am sorry everyone. But, I love y’all! *wink*

Reunited with my Mateusz, Kiem, and Thomas we took shots, ordered Uber, and went downtown to continue the celebration. Drinks, wings, and laughter for everyone! We went to the Sheraton Rooftop to enjoy the views and continue enjoying the evening.

We explored what Main Street had to offer and made our way back home because we had more adventure to enjoy on Sunday.

After finally waking up and getting dressed, we went in search of a place to go for brunch. When I tell you this was a difficult task! Omgees!

We went to the first restaurant… It was closed. On to the next place and guess what! It was a dang BUFFET! Not for $45-50! Plus, Mateusz did not want to eat precooked food. So… NEXT! Our last stop was Publico and the brunch did not disappoint! They had it all, good food, good drinks, and no wait.

My cousin, Kiem, did not feel up to going paddleboarding anymore, but Mateusz did not want to be in the house. So, we went to my Boo Wayne’s house to play in the water.

And just like that I was able to get Mateusz out of the house and into some water, love on my family and friends, and see the beautiful smiles on everyone’s faces. My mission was complete and I am happy! Now onto planning our 1st Anniversary trip. Ooo! I cannot wait.

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