February is Meant For Love and New Friends

I start every February out trying to think of ways to show the people I love extra love this month. But, being over 4,000 miles away from them is difficult and can be kinda tricky. Yes, there are ways to send gifts by mail, but it isn’t the same. I wish I could pack all of the people I treasure up in a plane and fly them to Poland for a week. Wouldn’t that be great?!?!

I digress…

February brought many new moments for me… After weeks of debating what we will be doing for Valentine’s Day Mateusz and I were presented with the idea of going to Kuty in the Masuria District in Poland for the weekend. And we had the time of our lives! We went ice skating every morning on the lake, we had a bonfire, we roasted sausage, we shot bow and arrows, we watched snowfall, and we shoveled snow. I mean we shoveled A LOT of snow!

Kuty gave us a retreat from our daily lives and allowed Mateusz to do something that he loves, ice skating. It was so beautiful with all of the snow around. And Kuty was peaceful because we were not necessarily connected to the outside world due to the spotty cellular reception. LoL

February was a lovely transition month for me and it allowed me to celebrate my mom’s birthday from afar, reminded me that I love making new friends, talking is my strong suit, and that I may not like cold weather as much as I thought I did. LoL… Listen… Freezing weather for months is not fun. But, I am learning. *shrug*

Moving to a new country is not all that easy, but you always have to remember you are not alone. It is comforting to know that other people are experiencing the same challenges you are going through. Also, it is just as encouraging to know that there is someone who has gone through what you are experiencing and they can be, will be, and want to be a resource. 

Some of the expat groups that I have found to be a good resource for information about moving to Poland or about things needed to stay in Poland are as follows:


Warsaw-Girls Gone International 

I hope you enjoyed the post today! If you need anything leave a comment or contact me. ☺

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