Falling in Love with Poland

Winter in Poland has freezing mornings and even colder nights. Then, there comes the spring and finally a warm and sunny, sometimes rainy, summer. Ok, I am not fond of heat without A/C, but with everything opening up I feel like I may be falling in love with Poland. 

The lakes are warm enough to cool your toes and the seaside is hot enough not to freeze your tits. It is the smell of flowers blooming and how the rain cools the day down to make it hot and moist again. Summer in Poland has been one of my happy places. And this does not include the people!

Oh, the people! 

And one person in particular is Mateusz. He makes every place we go seem just a little more magical. He is my muse for love. He has made it easy to fall in love again. 

The love Mateusz has for his country makes wanting to get to know and learn Poland and Polish that much more desirable, enticing, and worth my while. And he makes me feel like I am all of those things, even when I make him mad. LMAO

Falling in love with Mateusz has been magical and so unexpected. This is what has made this journey so magical, beautiful, and mesmerizing! So, guess what?! He wants to make it last forever. And I said yes!!!

Finally! Let the wedding planning begin! Ok, to be honest I already have pinterest boards and I started planning last year after I asked him if he wanted to marry me. Yes, I am overzealous! If you do not know me, now you do. *wink*

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