Planning for Our Day of Matrimony

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Hello everyone! So, the official wedding planning has started, and I am ready for it to be OVER!!! How in the heck do people plan for the day of matrimony without chopping someone’s head off? Oh, never mind… That is called being a bridezilla.

As I stated in a previous post, I started planning for the day of our matrimony after Mateusz told me he would marry me a little over a year ago. This means I have done the following so far:

  • Pinterest boards
  • A color scheme
  • My wedding dress
  • I have a Bridesman
  • He has a Groomsman
  • My cake baker
  • Wine chosen
  • Invitation ideas
  • And a plan

With many of the tough decisions out of the way, like me finding my groom and him finding his bride and me agreeing to have an actual wedding, we still have a lot more decisions to make. Ugh!!! The things that are still on our agenda are:

  1. The venue
  2. Mateusz’s suit
  3. Real or fake flowers
  4. Photographers
  5. Band or DJ
  6. How to get my family to the venue
  7. My shoes
  8. My veil
  9. And what kind of vodka do we want to serve

I mean this is going to be a Polish wedding, remember. LoL… Although these lists do not seem that long, I am sure there are some intricate details that I have not included here, and I am glad I have more than 5 months to plan the day of our matrimony. 

If you have any suggestions on ideas to make the day cost-effective and beautiful, please share them in the comments. Thank you! ☺ 

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4 thoughts on “Planning for Our Day of Matrimony”

  1. Ashownte' Wilds

    When planning my wedding I was told it’s way cheaper to use fake flowers versus real flowers unless you can find a place to rent flowers from.

  2. You can also split the flowers up like on dinner table fake on bridal table real. Fake flowers are expensive also according to size and kind…like roses may be more than dasies. Veils can be simply made or extravagant…you can buy simple and put your own decorative ideas to it. Saves a little. Also your bouquet can be made by a crafter rather then a bridal shop or florist with real or fake flowers or with beautiful pins like you wear on a dress or blouse. They sell on line for less. Okay thats all I got😁😁for now.

    1. Ooo!!! Ok!! Thank you!!! I will definitely keep that in mind. I’ll probably try to make most of the the things myself, but using a mixture will be helpful 😉

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