When am I Going BlacktoPoland?

Do you remember when the SARS-CoV-2, also known as Covid-19, reached the USA? It was around the end of January 2020. And the events that followed were a domino effect that was similar to many other countries in the months to come (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] et al., 2020). The events to come caused closed borders in most countries all over the world. Specifically, the USA closed its borders around the first half of March

Around this time many life events were planned and many were hopeful for them to occur. Mateusz was supposed to be coming to see me and to attend my best friend Detra’s wedding. Thank God he was able to get a flight into the states for work before the borders were closed to international travelers.

At this time it had only been maybe 3 weeks since I last saw Mateusz. So, I felt like I could wait until he came to Columbia, SC to stay with me until Detra’s wedding. But, my coworkers and Mateusz felt like it only made sense for me to catch a flight to Cincinnati to see him prior to him coming to me. I mean the students were on Spring Break and I would only need to take off one day. Plus, my Supervisor said it was ok and someone was able to cover me on Friday. Why not? I told Mateusz that I would only come if I was able to find a flight for a decent price because after all I was supposed to be saving money so I could move to Poland.

I was able to find a decently priced direct flight for less than $150 round trip from Charleston, SC to Cincinnati, OH through Allegiant Air. This was an awesome price considering most of the flights from Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas were $300-$500. If that was all I could find, he would have had to wait until the next week to see me. LoL!!! Your girl is very frugal. He is welcome.

My drive to Charleston, SC on Thursday evening was smooth, but I was not able to have dinner with my bestie Mariel. Instead we drank wine, blew out a candle on top of a delicious cupcake for her birthday, and she was able to take me to the airport.

The airport was different and if anyone had traveled during this time you know what I mean. It was empty. People were wearing mask and gloves.  I was washing my hands frequently. Then, just like now I was afraid to cough, sneeze, choke, or blink.

Everyone was suspicious of everyone having Covid-19. Shoot! If you sneezed or coughed too much before all of this I would start to hold my breath and cover my nose, ain’t nobody got time to be getting sick! I digress. *side eye* But, for real though.

I arrive at the Cincinnati airport on Thursday evening and the weather is definitely different from my first visit. It was cold, windy, and raining. It does not matter; I get to see my Boo! Woot-woot! I am hungry and guess what!!! Mateusz goes to Waffle House for the first time! What was so funny was that Mateusz never went to the Waffle House because he thought this restaurant only sold waffles and sweet food items. LMAO! Honey! No, you can get a quick, cheap, filling breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Waffle House. That tickles me so! LoL! Poor baby was missing out.

This weekend was slightly uneventful aside from the delicious food we were able to eat at several restaurants, the moonshine and whiskey we had at a cute distillery, and I was able to see Kinga again! Yaysers! But, with the closing of borders and places shutting down the grocery stores were packed and many shelves were empty. I am sure this was happening everywhere. Grocery stores were empty like there was a storm coming and no one would be able to go in or out of them. Thank the heavens we were able to find ground meat and the items to make a taco salad. Otherwise, we would have starved a little bit.

So, I am on my way back home and I receive a text that I may have to quarantine at home for 14 days if I have traveled on a plane.  I text my Supervisor to get clarification, but she is not aware of this information. Our Director stated that I should not come into work on Monday and I was informed by Human Resources that I would not return to work for 14 days after travel. Then, a few days later Mateusz tells me that his flight back to Poland at the end of March has been canceled. But, he is still going to come to Columbia, SC because the wedding may still happen and he does not want to miss the flight we have already booked to get him to me.

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