Let’s Catch Flights and Feelings

At this point I have returned to South Carolina, where I call home. Oh, did I mention I went on a 12 day vacation that consisted of me flying to Montreal, Quebec with my dad, taking a train to Washington, D.C. to see the scenery and visit family, to then fly to New Orleans, Louisiana for a girl trip, and finally back home to work, work, work, work, work?  If not, I am sorry. But, I am ready to catch flights and feelings!

Mateusz is back in Poland and I am home. We are trying to figure out when I can go to Poland to see him for a week, sooner than December. I talk to my work friends and Supervisor about going to Poland because I am smitten by this handsome man! There were some suggestions that I go to Poland during Fall Break, but we work during Fall Break and I like to couple my vacations with holidays (i.e. free days off that do not take away vacation time) So, my Supervisor mentions Labor Day and that is perfect! I will get 2 weekends, a holiday, and I only have to take off 4 days. Yaassssss! Let me tell Mateusz.

We start planning the trip. Mateusz lets me know that he has lived in his apartment for about a year now and does not have a kitchen so he will need to build a kitchen before I come to Poland. Whaaaaaaatt?!?!? You do not have a kitchen? Weird! Then, I let it go. He says he is never home because of work. So, it hasn’t been much of an inconvenience and he usually has meals delivered to him. Again, that is weird.

 Now, let’s fast forward to July 15, 2019. Mateusz tells me he has a surprise for me, but he is scared it may not work out if he tells me what it is. Ok? I promise this man is weird! LoL! So, it is Wednesday, July 17, 2019 and he asks me if I will be able to fly to Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend to see him because he will be there for work for 2 weeks. Say what now?!?! Ok! I can fly there on Friday after work, but that flight is $400! He tells me not to worry about that he will cover the cost. Alllllriiiiiight then! Let me book this flight and pack a bag! *inserts dance* This is my boo and he don’t even know it;-)

I fly to Cincinnati and we are having a ball! I ask Mateusz if his girlfriend minds that he is flying other women to see him when he is not in Poland. You see I am the type of woman that will ask a man 20 different times and in 200 different ways if he has a girlfriend, wife, children, a woman on the side, a man, or whatever he chooses to call them. Shoot, I do not have the time for drama. But, his answer surprised me… He said, “No, because you are my girlfriend.” Ooop! Ok, well… Umm, that is not what I was expecting.

We eat, drink, and walk in the heat of the Cincinnati streets. He also tries to get me to ride on a battery powered scooter in traffic. Ugh, how about no. So, we continue walking. We walked to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center for a tour, rode the SkyStar Observation Wheel, and then we went to dinner at a nice rotating restaurant called Eighteen at the Radisson that evening. It was a very lovely weekend until I had to go home.

It is Sunday and Mateusz has dropped me off at the airport for my return flight. My flight is delayed per usual for American Airlines, but the delay is not too bad. Now I have boarded my flight to Washington, D.C. for a short layover. And guess what? There is another delay and another. They let us know that the flight has been canceled and there are no more flights out of D.C. to Columbia, SC until Monday. Thank God for family and cousins everywhere! Otherwise I would have had to sleep in the airport. And Mateusz would try to drive to pick me up. That man knows he is chivalrous. But, I was able to stay with my cousin and return to the airport on Monday to arrive just in time for work. However, there was another delay and I arrived to work at lunch time. Just when I thought the weekend would not be eventful. LoL!

Mateusz is here for another week and the planning starts for us to see each other the last weekend in July. And he will be in for a treat! He is going to meet my Grandfather’s side of the family at the Purvis Family Reunion in Charleston, South Carolina.

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  1. I am really enjoying catching up with you and your new love. This is exciting. Can’t wait to hear more. Mateusz seems to be perfect…for you!

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