A Small Town Girl

a small town girl

As a small town girl from Hartsville, SC I never saw myself moving to a country where I do not speak the language and especially not to be with a man (this was against all of my rules). I always pictured myself moving to California because that is where my heart resides. Well, one of the places. But, life had a different hand for me.

See, I am a believer that everything happens how it is supposed to. With all of my dreams of leaving South Carolina not fully coming to fruition I came to the conclusion that I was in Columbia, SC for a reason. In my opinion, that reason was to help my family, build stronger bonds with my friends and family, and be able to love on and imprint on my nieces, nephew, and godchildren.

Although I did not move away from South Carolina until I was older. This did not stop me from exploring the world. My parents instilled a desire to explore and travel in me when I was little. We went on road trips all up and down the east coast, to the beach, mountains, anywhere. And the highlight of many of my trips was flying to California to visit my Aunt Tina and Uncle Carl.

Aunt Tina

You see, when I was younger and my Aunt Tina was alive we were supposed to go to Germany together. She became sick after we made this promise to each other and we never made it there. But, I promised her that I would go to Germany on my own. I definitely did not get to have as intimate of a trip in Germany as I am sure she and I would have enjoyed, but I made it. *tears*And I plan to return.

My Aunt Tina was my inspiration. I may have said that before. LoL… She was independent, smart with money, and fierce! Aunt Tina traveled the world by herself and did not think twice about it. She would make friends wherever she went and was respected by many. And I wanted to be just like her. 

You know what is funny about wanting to be like someone all of your life, is when they finally let their hair down and you see that you were always just alike. My Aunt Tina was fiery just like me and I didn’t even know it. LMAO! I think the only person I have had conversations with about her fieriness is my dad because she told me never to repeat these things to my grandmother. LoL

In her early 20s Aunt Tina left South Carolina to move to California and never looked back. She blazed her own path. She loved hard, sacrificed for others to have, would set you right in an instance, had an amazing smile, and pushed you to be your best. Oh how I miss talking to her. I wonder what advice she would give me right now. 

Independent, strong, daring

I live life as though it is meant to be lived. When I was younger my motto was “I can sleep when I die.” Now, if I do not get any sleep I feel like I am dying. What a turn of events? LoL!!! 

What I have found the most comfort in as a woman is being independent enough to be able to handle my life on my own. Strong enough to know that life is a continuum. There will be good days and bad days, but the sun will come out tomorrow. And that people are not meant to be kept, they will flow in and out of your life over time. But, it is up to you to set the boundaries on how you are treated and to know when to let some people go (family or friends). 

To be slightly daring as a small town girl has been my biggest treat. I always wanted to be different, but just like everyone else I had my moments when I wanted to fit in also. But, I always wanted to experience all the things that life has to give. As a woman of color (WOC) there have been many times when I have been met with the statement “black people don’t do that.” And I never cared because why? I think it is very limiting when we as a people or a person sets a boundary on our life experience simply because we have never seen someone who looks like us do a thing.

Dare to be different and live a life that makes you happy because no 2 happy lives will look the same. Always remember that it is okay to ask questions! There may be someone who knows which direction to point you in. At the end of the day do not forget to live, love, and shine unapologetically because you may be someone’s inspiration. ☺

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