The 2nd Date

After walking, drinking, and dancing around in the New Orleans heat that never fails for hours. My friends and I take naps because we are still recuperating from the night/morning. Except for Erika, she is baking RJ.

I wake up to get dressed so I can meet Mateusz and my friend Le’Evelyn to see the fireworks and everyone else says they will meet me out later. They are still sleeping. Then, Mateusz texts me to tell me he is on his way to pick me up, but there has been a change of plans. The Uber driver tells him about this hotel nearby with a nice rooftop bar and you can see the fireworks from there.

Cool! I’m flexible and I like nice things. Especially, a chique atmosphere! I let my friends know where I am going and turn on my location.

We arrive at the hotel, The Pontchartrain Hotel, and the rooftop bar is everything you could imagine of an old, fancy hotel that turns its rooftop area into an antique meets modern half covered, half open bar area. I love it! We are drinking, we are laughing, we are talking, and we are enjoying ourselves! And here come the fireworks! Ugh! Ok… New Orleans you do parties right, you do music right, you do food right, and soooooo many other things RIGHT! But, those dang on fireworks were so underwhelming I would have been upset if I was not out here in this heat with a gorgeous man. *rolls eyes*

Now we are heading to Bourbon Street for some more fun. We get on the elevator. The bell dings as we have made it to the ground floor. The lights flicker. The doors open and we head outside. All of the lights are out for 1 to 2 blocks. Praise GOD whatever caused the power to go out did not stop that elevator because in my old age I do not like small places. I would rather take the stairs.

We get something quick to eat, and then met my friends in these New Orleans streets. All the while Mateusz is trying to figure when we will see each other again. It goes as follows: You need to come to Poland for at least 2 weeks. Can you come next month? Ooo! My best friend is getting married in August you should be my date to the wedding!

Some interesting facts, Mateusz gets 26 days of vacation time per year and that does not include paid holidays, he is a ball of excitement and adventure, and he is very fancy. In Poland a traditional wedding has approximately 2-3 receptions. And Poland has paid maternity leave.

Mateusz, I am not able to come to Poland for more than a week until December because then we are off for 7-9 days and I can group that with vacation days. And I cannot come to Poland for a week for your best friend’s wedding because I am one of the people hosting my best friend’s Bridal Shower that weekend. He then goes on a rant! Saying I do not need to be at the Bridal Shower and that I need to change the date of the Bridal Shower so I can be his guest. Because he wants me to experience a Polish wedding and he wants everyone to meet me.

All the while he does not realize that the friend I am speaking of is Detra, the friend who has met. He also thinks I am talking about something in Chicago. Weird! I guess it is the language barrier. Once, he understands what I am saying he agrees that I cannot come to Poland, but we need to figure something out. Because he is leaving in less than 24 hours to drive back to Miami to fly to Poland. And we may never see each other again.

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  1. My brother in law met his spouse the night before now-spouse went back to London. Long distance romance ensued. Now married and living in San Francisco. Three cheers for international love!

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